Faralya – Kabak- Alınca

The Lycia road which goes on downward from Kirme settlement, reaches to the asphalt road of Faralya settlement after passing near large and small water sources. Faralya village settlement is located at a very special location in terms of flora, on a slope overlooking the south at the mountainside of Babadağ and just above the valley of butterflies. It contains most endemic plant types.

The minibus coming from Ölüdeniz, reaches to Uzunyurt or even Kabak settlements after passing from Faralya. At Faralya there is a market and shopping opportunity. Accommodation in camp, bungalow and Mediterranean type hotels made from stone is available. Before passing Faralya if you turn towards right from the main road, the peerless view of the valley of the butterflies can be seen. There is even a pathway reaching to the camp site located down at the valley downwards from this turn. The descent is made by hanging to the ropes set on crags. This is extremely dangerous for the people with heavy loads and amateur walkers.

Faralya village people can provide food, village breakfast and similar opportunities in their homes. Faralya village is a good break point before going on with the road.

Lycia road elevates towards the left at the end of Faralya by leaving the asphalt road. One can reach Kabak settlement partly among the maquis and largely among pine trees with a wide sea view.

Drinking water could be obtained from two different fountains at the Kabak settlement, one of them is located on the road and the other one is located above.
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There is a market in the upper settlement at the end of the road. The village people in the upper settlement can provide all kinds of foods. At the valley down below the Kabak settlement, there are a lot of different camping areas and accommodation in houses similar to bungalows is provided as well.

Kabak valley is one of the natural protection areas in which lots of endemic plants can be found. Lycia road goes towards the inside of the valley from the upper Kabak settlement, but with another pathway leading downwards to Kabak valley enables you to see all of the valley and the waterfalls in the depths of the forest which is located to the east of the valley.

The pathway located below which leads to the waterfalls then joins to the Lycia road above. By cruising the Kabak valley from an inside road one can exit from the south to Alınca settlement. This section of the Lycia road which goes on between the sandal, pine and locust trees is one of the tracks that is enjoyable and rich in natural contents. In Alınca settlement food, drinks and accommodation needs can be met by local population. 50 m. east of asphalt road, there is a fountain for drinking water.

Going downwards from Alınca settlement; Lycia road bends to right and goes on towards down with a wonderful sea view, above Cennet bay. As it can be seen in the next (3rd map section), at a point called Üçkeci region, the pathway leading to Cennet Bay is separated from Lycia road. Cennet bay is one of the natural wonders with its clean beach on which no structure or facility is built and has a colorful view in spring months due to the sandal trees. At the depths of the valley there is a camping business started in these last years. If you can take the risk of a very steep, curved and rocky descent Cennet Bay is a sight worth seeing. There is another pathway from Kabak valley to Cennet bay from the shore.

There are pathways reaching upwards from Alınca settlement, towards Karaağaç and then towards Pınara ancient city behind the mountains and they are marked with red-yellow lines.