Belcekız – Gavurağılı – Kumluova

The Lycia road splits towards right after a couple of kilometers from the dirt road which splits towards southeast, on a flat area with its red soil, ancient olive trees, carstic limestone and plants indigenous to the Mediterranean seems just like a man made ornamental garden and elevates through high pine trees towards a channel after a region called Belcekız.

After the channel it starts to descend from a steep slope in zigzags. In this region in which the characteristic Lycia road signs are erased, if one goes on to descend from the slope towards southeast, after a while they can reach to the flat areas at the west of the Gavurağılı settlement. A long slope descends ends after passing a stone masonry pathway. The pathway which goes on for one km among the trees and fields, reaches to Gavurağılı settlement.

There is also another pathway splitting from the Lycia road directly south of Bel settlement. This pathway reaches at last to a bay by going on towards the sea along a riverbed over a hilltop at the south of Bel village. Here, a very old cistern and a few small ruins can be found. The pathway which goes on towards southwest parallel to the sea from this unnamed bay, reaches to Gavurağılı flats after hard climbs and descends.

In Gavurağılı settlement there is a business which can offer accommodation and there is a fountain for drinking water. Lycia road which goes on over the hill at the eastern side of the Gavurağılı settlement; coils around the Pydnai castle which is located under the hill and crosses the river via a bridge close to the seaside.Pydnai castle is made up of neatly cut stone and contains church and cisterns used in Byzantine period. Parapets of the castle are very well preserved.

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While going towards Kumluova, the pathway goes on with eucalyptus, pine and shrubbery around it and since there is a large body of water especially in winter and spring going forward is only possible by going towards north and coiling around the water body and towards east.If you go towards north from Pydnai castle and passed the marsh, at the place where the asphalt road turns left there is another bridge to cross the river. The bridge here is located in front of an establishment which can supply accommodation and food. In the main road 250m further here, you can reach to interstate road with public transportation and then to Fethiye or Antalya buses.