CIRALI resort of Kemer, of Antalya catches people's attention with "sun, sea and natural beauties" as well as the historical richness. At South end of the city lies the ancient city of Olympus, and in the north west there is the Yanartas (Chimera).

The pearl of Antalya, Cirali's coastline is 3.2 km in length. And its width ranges between 50 to 100 meters. The beach rises in a gentle slope from the sea. On both ends it is limited with rocks. Cirali's coastline is made of generally fine-grained structured high-quality sand. At South end through the ancient city of Olympus, a stream passes and merges with the sea.

You can easily enjoy the sea and take sunbathe in Cirali which has a very clean sea.

In Cirali region there are very nice boutique hotels, restaurants, Cirali wooden houses, pensions and hotels.

You have the opportunity to stay in facilities with different options and you may enjoy the breakfasts made of all-natural products, at lunch time the vegetable dishes, salads, grilled meat and if you wish you can attaste delicious dream tastes in the restaurants situated at sea shores.

You can watch the sunset in the pristine coast of Cirali and have a walk in the Olympus area. At night the unquenchable flame of Yanartas is waiting for you.

We are look forward to see all the individuals in Cirali who are after completely stress-free natural ways to relax and have fun.

Accommodation - Holiday in Cirali

in Cirali Hidden paradise, there are many beautiful boutique hotels, guest houses, tree houses. You simply choose the facility you will stay and contact with them. It is a privilege to stay at those facilities providing reliable and quality services. You can examine details and pictures of the facilities from our Web site.

All information is meticulously prepared and approved by our team. The number of pensions in Cirali is now close to 200. These facilities ran by friendly families are designed in boutique hotel style. Every detail is planned for your comfort. In general, the number of rooms in the facilities range between 5 to 20 rooms.

You may as well relax inside the facilities where there are large and well-kept gardens, oriental corners, hammocks, or you may just go to the beach and sunbathe on the sunloungers and swim in the sea.

You definitely will miss the taste of the foods you tasted in Cirali after you return from your vacation. All products are carefully cultivated naturally. In short, every detail is planned hotel Cirali.

If your most basic expectation from your holiday is to relax completely, you can be sure that the best selection of all would be Cirali. We wish you a pleasant holiday.