There serves seaside restaurants, pergolas, fast-food type garden cafés at the Olympus coast and in the town center of Cirali .

People who eat In Ulupinar may attaste grilled food , appetizers and salads, pancakes and melon ice cream.

Ones who may have the picnic possibility consume the foods left in the cold water that has soon gained the natural coldness.

Beach restaurant in the center of Olympos and Çıralı coast localities, gazebos, garden cafes serving fast-food type.

Great seafood restaurant in Cirali, cucumber, squid stew stew, meats, olive oil, pancakes, kebabs, pizzas you can eat your appetite.

All meals are prepared from local produce from the plants they grew in population or sandy colored village Da established market.

Cirali at restaurants on the coast road to the sea can dine at zero, with the warm breeze from the sea, you can enjoy the view.

Cirali restaurants in the center, pizzas, pancakes you can eat grills.

What to Eat Ulupınar

An evening at 9 km from your holiday chalets set in Ulupınar on couches in the restaurants in the village, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the water and you can dine with a view of surroundings.

On the stew in Ulupınar restaurant trout, squid, sea fish, grills, fruit and desserts you can eat, you can eat if you wish you can keep fishing fun meal at the restaurant with your own fish.

Ulupınar who eat grilled, appetizers and salads, pancakes and can eat the melon freeze. Picnic possibility that in the short time the fruits are consumed as they left the cold waters attained a natural coldness.