You may the explore the lost city walking along a different route each day from Cirali which is in the center of East Lycian walking ways or you may swim in the sea in deserted small bays.

You can have breakfast with completely natural foods, under the orange and pine trees. Also by renting a car daily you may travel to Phaselis - Arycanda - Myra in the near vicinity or you can go to the sunken city Kekova.

If you want adrenaline can do a safari with a jeep traveling from mountain roads to the highlands. It is possible for you to travel from Cirali to Antalya, Kemer, and Tekirova in every 15 minutes.

It would be enough for you to tell it to the Hotel or Pension you stay at in Cirali, where you want to go.
Çıralı Activities

Chimera (Chimera) 's you can see, it is that you need to walk 30-40 minutes to almost steepness may be that many people will encounter with the landscape you see on the left side of the road 1 in the picture and you will be quite surprised.

The Lycian Way (Lycian Way) walks with natural beauty, you can enjoy the scenery, you can exercise in the fresh air. Lycian Way walk are usually done as a team, where necessary, is carried out step by step by going camping or accommodation. In a small portion of your holiday you can join one of these stages, you can age in the Lycian Way enthusiasm.

In Cirali or optional tours are organized periodically. You can make a unique trip in peaceful harmony of green and blue.

You can rent a bicycle, ATV, jeep safaris and trips can taste, may be the spring, you can make your holiday a different activity in Cirali.

Ancient Olympos can visit the area, you can enjoy beautiful views and ancient ruins.